Lupus Treatments

Specific lupus treatment has not been identified but diagnosis of SLE is linked to genes, environment and hormones which can help in its treatment and control.

What lupus treatments are recommended for lupus patients?

Lupus is a mysterious disease because the causes have not been specifically identified. Although the disease is linked to genetic, environmental and hormonal factors, still the disorder is hard to readily diagnose.

Lupus symptoms may mimic other disorders so it is wise to have your doctor make a thorough physical examination, know your medical history, and recommend several tests to confirm the disease.

Symptoms of Lupus

Lupus is sometimes mistaken for another disorder, but the common symptoms for lupus are the following:

  • Red skin patch or rash
  • Painful and swollen joints
  • Aching or sore muscles
  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of hair
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lesion that develop into scales when dried usually found on the nose and cheeks, and on the scalp
  • Raynaud’s syndrome  or when fingers turn waxy, white and blue due to severe reduction of blood flow

Diagnosis of Lupus

Before diagnosing lupus, several antibody tests will be done to help your doctor positively diagnose you for this autoimmune disorder.

  • Anti-nuclear antibody (ANA) test
  • Anti-DNA antibody test
  • Anti-Sm test

Other laboratory tests include tests for the presence of immune complex and an analysis of the serum complement level. Kidney and skin biopsy are also helpful in diagnosing lupus.

Treatments of Lupus

Lupus SLE, as mentioned earlier can be mild to severe, and lupus treatments will also depend on the severity of your lupus.

  • Have enough rest
  • Do light to moderate strength exercises
  • Undergo physical therapy for weak muscles
  • Avoid getting exposed to the sunlight
  • Use anti-inflammatory, corticosteroids, antimalarial, immunosuppressant and also cytotoxic drugs depending on the lupus symptoms you have.

There’s hope for lupus cure as more clinical researches are being conducted.

Lupus is one disease in which scientists have not discovered any cure yet, but you can always control so that lupus won’t worsen. Some lupus treatments may not ease your condition, sometimes a combination of treatments can enable you to cope with lupus. It is always advised to seek medical help to avoid any complications of lupus.

Chinese medicine doctors believe that lack of yin can trigger lupus.

  • Skin Lupus TreatmentSkin lupus treatment can be managed by a dermatologist who can provide a specific remedy for lupus skin rashes and lesions.
  • Five Natural Treatments for LupusHere's a list of 5 natural treatment for lupus such as omega-3 fatty acids, turmeric and ginger, vitamin D and calcium, exercises and antioxidants.
  • New Lupus TreatmentOne important breakthrough in new lupus treatment is the discovery of a chip used to identify patients with a severe case of lupus autoimmune disease.
  • Natural Remedies for LupusA healthy diet is the most sensible way of not aggravating the condition of a patient with lupus.
  • Lupus Diet Lupus diet includes foods rich in iron, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and zinc but there are foods to avoid which can cause lupus flares.

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