Famous People with SLE

Famous people with SLE or the autoimmune disease lupus are Black American singer Toni Braxton, English soul and R&B singer/songwriter Seal, Oakland Athletics left fielder Tim Raines, broadcast journalist Charles Kuralt, Southern novelist and short story writer Flannery O’Connor, rapper Snoop Dogg daughter Cori Broadus to name a few. Both Charles Kuralt and Flannery O’Connor were already dead. Kuralt died just weeks after being diagnosed with lupus while O’Connor died in 1964 when her lupus reactivated after experiencing too much stress from her surgery to remove a fibroid tumor.

Toni Braxton

Braxton just recently revealed her condition and admitted that her gaining some weight was due to medications she was taking for lupus. She admitted taking corticosteroids which is a lupus treatment that can promote weight gain. She also said that she will try her very best to shed off the additional weight by exercising, a good way of managing their weight and eventually improve their quality of life.


Singer and songwriter Seal has scars on his face which is a result of his discoid lupus erythematosus, a kind of lupus involving only the skin. His lupus makes him sensitive to UV rays and must not expose himself to the sun rays.

Snoop Dogg’s Daughter

Snoop Dogg’s daughter first showed signs of lupus at age six where she suffered hair loss, skin lightening and weight loss. However, she now does well in school and even plays softball and volleyball.

Other famous people with SLE are the following:

  • Actor Ray Walston who portrayed Uncle Martin in the 1960 sitcom My Favorite Martian
  • Actress Kelly Drury
  • British actress and singer Elaine Paige
  • British politician Hugh Gaitskell
  • Singer and songwriter Leslie Hunt
  • Hollywood film producer Lauren Schuler Donner
  • American rapper Maurice Young famously known as Trick Daddy
  • LPGA pro golfer Salimah Mussani
  • Sharon Stone’s sister Kelly Stone
  • America’s next top model Season 2 runner-up Mercedes Yvette
  • Swedish born actress Inday Ba
  • drag racer Cindy Crawford
  • former President and known dictator of the Philippines Ferdinand E. Marcos
  • luxury shoe and handbag designer Mary Norton
  • Michael Wayne, son of legendary actor John Wayne.

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