Is Lupus Serious?

Is lupus serious? Lupus is a very serious medical condition. The inflammation caused by lupus can affect many areas of the patient’s body including the kidneys, heart, lungs, blood and blood vessels as well as the brain.

Kidney Damage

Lupus can really cause serious kidney damage which would eventually lead to kidney failure and death. The affected brain of a person with lupus would give this patient a lot of discomfort such as hallucinations, headaches, dizziness, memory problems and even behavior problems.


Lupus can also result into blood problems such as anemia and increased risk of blood clotting, bleeding as well as inflammation of the blood vessels known as vasculitis.

Cardiovascular Disorders

A person with lupus can experience painful breathing since lupus can cause inflammation of chest cavity lining. An inflammation of the heart muscle is also one of the many complications a dreaded disease like lupus can cause. This increases your chances of having a cardiovascular ailment and heart attacks as well.


Lupus can also increase your risk of having an infection, cancer, pregnancy complications and bone tissue destruction. Individuals with lupus are susceptible to infection since both the disease and the medicines you take for lupus can weaken your immune system.

Common infections that effect people with lupus are herpes, yeast infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, salmonella and shingles.

Bone Problem

Lupus can also decrease blood supply to the bone, causing breaks to the bone and the collapse of bone integrity. The most common bone that can be affected by lupus is the hip joint.

Lupus can also be dangerous to pregnant women, providing increased risk of miscarriage. Lupus can also lead to high blood pressure to pregnant women as well as preterm birth. Women who are diagnosed with lupus should delay any pregnancy plans six months until the lupus disease is under control.

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